I design for research. I find practical applications for knowledge and creating cutting-edge insights through practice. I seek new possibilities and experiences in materials and objects that speak to the body and mind.

I have designed or co-designed over fifty projects creating innovative materials, products, furniture, exhibitions, and public installations. My work ranges in scale and complexity — from patented technology of expanding wood and devices bringing relief for patients with spine and foot conditions to musical installations showcased in the world’s busiest locations.

by Ameera Albalawi

Karol Murlak is a designer, researcher and educator. He is a professor at Pratt Institute in New York and an associate professor at SWPS University in Warsaw. He has been working with universities, institutions and companies in Europe and America, including Deutsche Bank, Boston Consulting Group, Martinelli Luce, the Museum of Food and Drink and The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

His projects have been presented at exhibitions in New York; Washington, DC; London; Milan; Berlin; Brussels, Frankfurt; Dresden; Budapest; Prague; Bucharest; Sofia; Ljubljana; Warsaw; São Paulo; Brasilia; Rio de Janeiro; and Toyama. He won numerous design awards and competitions such as the Design by… Competition and the Sanitec Koło Prize.

He graduated from the Spatial Design program at Falmouth College of Art in Great Britain. He also holds a doctoral degree in design and a master’s degree in interior architecture both from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland.